Things We’ve Learned

During the summer, it’s very easy to get most of our produce from the farm stand three miles away. If we were going to make one change to eat a more local diet, that would be it. The fruits and vegetables are fresh, beautiful and tasty. The fields and greenhouses[Read more]

Four and a Half Days of Local Eating, Rules Change

We’re 4 1/2 days in. It’s been a challenge. We’ve laughed; we’ve (almost) cried. We’ve shopped at a handful of nearby farms and even in a neighbor’s barn. It’s a great way for the kids to learn the nitty gritty about where food comes from. We’ve eaten some amazing dishes[Read more]

Local Eating – Day One

Today didn’t go exactly as I’d pictured. First – a little background: Tom and I decided it was a good idea to eat leftovers until they’re either used up or have gone bad. We felt like it was against the spirit of the challenge to throw away good food. So[Read more]

First Local Food Haul

On Saturday we ventured out to do our first real local food shopping. It was fun. It was a little stressful. It was a learning experience. With any luck in a few weeks we’ll have our routine down and it’ll be old hat. Total disclosure: before we went to the[Read more]

The Sourdough Chronicles

We start eating completely locally in six days. I go back and forth between panicking and thinking it’ll be fun. I’m trying to get organized and have some ready-to-eat things on hand for Wednesday. I was hoping one of those things would be bread, but now I’m not so sure.[Read more]

Show Me the Honey

Only twelve more days until we’re eating nothing but local for the summer. I’m excited, but also a little scared. Are we really doing this?! Can we seriously pull this off?! Stay tuned to find out! So far we’re stocked up on local flour and salt. We also have wheat[Read more]

Wheat Berry Peace

A couple nights ago I had a small taste of what eating local foods all summer might be like. I got my sourdough starter going and was also cooking wheat berries for the next morning’s breakfast. The wheat berries had to simmer for an hour, so instead of hanging out[Read more]

Local Bread Ingredients Are Here!

Two packages arrived last week. UPS delivered flour and grains from Four Star Farms, and salt from the Marblehead Salt Company! The project doesn’t officially begin until June 21st (see rules for details), but I want to start baking local bread now so we’ll be ready to go when the[Read more]

Welcome to the Project

This summer my family and I will embark on a challenge. From June 21st to September 21st, with a few well thought out exceptions, we’ll eat only food grown within five miles of our house. I’ve always been a fan of other people’s local eating experiments. I love No Impact[Read more]